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On behalf of all members of Noah, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all leaders, friends, all strategic partners and people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Noah.

Several years of hard work and hard work, a few years of struggle to work hard and fruitful. Noah who founded the company make painstaking efforts, Noah's prosperity and break a new sky Noah company. Noah has become an influential enterprise in the new material industry in Zhejiang, and its products are sold to all over the country and abroad. The song, wade like dance. Over the past few years, we feel exciting; in the future, we are full of pride. A few years, no matter how far it goes, is only a short moment in the long history of history; the achievements of a few years, no matter how brilliant, can only represent the history of the past.

Today's company, we will uphold the rich cultural heritage of several years of accumulation, adhere to the "sincere person, the enterprise core value conscientiously" concept, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, based on the world, the company's quality policy to create quality, customer satisfaction", adhere to the "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation, integrity management, the pursuit of excellence" of the enterprise business philosophy, "the development direction of professional industrialization", and strive to achieve the "most influential enterprises in the field of new materials".

We regard market, customer, quality and talent as the four most important and most valuable elements for the existence and development of an enterprise. The success of a career can not be separated from the support of every customer. "Starting from customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction" is the core of our business management. As long as customers give us a chance to serve, we will take actions to satisfy customers, which is our constant commitment.

We set up a firm and sober sense of quality. Uphold the professional spirit, focus on the core advantages, the pursuit of excellence, excellence, consistent. With high quality products and service in place, we constantly improve the value of products and enterprise, which is our eternal pursuit!

Now, Noah is concentrating on its business and developing wholeheartedly. We must do our best to make our company stronger and stronger.

Hope with you to become a friend forever, wish our cause to create brilliant!