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Glass fiber composites are gradually entering the field of communication

Mobile Radome

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication, the amount of mobile antenna has also increased dramatically. As a mobile antenna, the consumption of radome is also increasing. The moving radome must have wave permeability, outdoor anti-aging performance, wind resistance performance and batch consistency. In addition, the service life must be long enough, otherwise the installation and maintenance will bring big inconvenience, and the cost is increased. Most of the mobile radome used to produce PVC material, but the material is not resistant to aging, resistance to wind load is poor, service life is shorter, and the number of use is less and less. Glass fiber materials, wave transparent and good outdoor anti-aging ability, good wind resistance, by pultrusion process manufacturing batch consistency, life in 20 years, in full compliance with the requirements of mobile antenna radome, is gradually replacing the PVC plastic, become the first choice of mobile antenna cover. The mobile radome in Europe and America has banned the use of PVC plastic radome, all of which use the FRP radome.

Fiber cable

Fiber optic cable made from optical fiber is the trend of future development, and the material of optical fiber is the glass fiber with high transparency. The fiberglass fiber makes use of the full reflection of light, and the outer bread has a much smaller skin cladding than it. In this way, the light entering the core line can only move along the interface of the glass fiber at the interface between the core wire and the outer skin blanket, and it will not move through the interface as if it is tightly closed inside the core line by the outer skin cladding. Compared to ordinary cable, fiber optic cable has outstanding advantages. It has a tremendous amount of information, and the fiber of thick hair can be made through tens of thousands of telephone calls or 2000 - way TV. The optical fiber cable is used as the carrier, which is not disturbed by the external electromagnetic field. It has high stability and secrecy. In addition, the loss of fiber optic cable is very low. Cable communication needs to set up a relay station every few thousand meters, while fiber optic cable can continuously transmit 30~70 kilometers, so it has unique superiority in long-distance information transmission.

Car cloud computing

For the construction of car cloud computing, on the one hand, it meets the requirements of high speed data transmission in the future; on the other hand, it can also reduce the network and reduce the cost. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to manage the flow and use of the data of the auto users. Although the luxury car has already used a lot of computer processors, the advantage of multi-core technology is that it can reduce data nodes in the automotive network, which means reducing the complexity of vehicle control and design. The maximum transmission rate of plastic optical fiber can reach 1Gbit/s, while the coaxial cable is 5Gbit/s. With the increase of data transmission rate, the system will also become complex, so that the cost will continue to climb. In the future, the application of fiberglass fiber optic cable will solve the paradox of rate and cost. After using glass fiber composite as transmission medium, the network bandwidth can be increased to 10Gbit/s. At the same time, the number of cables needed to transmit the same number of data is less, but it will not affect the durability of the network.

Signal strengthening core

The traditional road signal enhancement core is made of glass fiber reinforced material and high performance vinyl ester resin. However, with the competition of the industry and the continuous pursuit of cost reduction, its quality requirements for vinyl ester resin have also been reduced. The combination of aramid fiber and glass fiber reinforced core will impact the demand market for ordinary glass fiber reinforced core. Glass fiber and aramid fiber composite, can enhance the signal to strengthen the core strength, regardless of strength or modulus are far more than the steel and glass fiber reinforced composite cable core; after the product has not only high tensile strength (more than 1700Mpa), and impact resistance, fracture resistance, even in the case can still maintain a break the tensile strength of about 1300Mpa; in addition, the signal to strengthen the core soft texture, easy to bend, the minimum bending diameter is only 24 times the diameter of the outdoor arrangement can realize compact and beautiful structure, its excellent bending performance, especially suitable for complex environment layout.

China's glass fiber industry has developed rapidly in recent years, driven by the driving force of two markets at home and abroad. The expansion of the international market, both factors of the growth of aggregate demand, but also from the international business early because of low margin industry after the exit, to leave space for development of domestic enterprises in the international market; and the growth of the domestic market, is the rapid development from the downstream consumer industries. After more than 50 years of development, glass fiber in China has been quite large.