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Glass fiber and composite materials industry annual meeting held for the first time moved to West

China's glass fiber industry association and China Composite Materials Industry Association Annual Conference were held in Xinjin. Xinjin county held a new investment presentation meeting of the new material industry function area. At the scene of the event, the China composite material industry association and Xinjin reached a strategic cooperation intention. The two sides will strengthen cooperation on investment promotion in the new materials industry. It is reported that this is China's glass fiber and composite materials industry annual meeting for the first time from the Middle East to the West held.

Tianfu new area, Xinjin, as the West Wing Industrial Center of Tianfu new area, and the main bearing place of Chengdu new material industry, is concerned by many new material enterprises such as Nanjing and Hangzhou at this annual meeting. Xinjin County relevant responsible person said, Tianfu New Area Xinjin area industry development is swift and violent. This year 1 to October, the regional fixed assets investment increased by 27.6%, the scale industrial added value increased by 15.8%. At present, Xinjin is located in the Chengdu new materials industry zone has been successfully introduced in Lan Chenguang, Lu Chen and other new materials science and technology project 101, the basic form of the new materials industry cluster development trend of high performance fiber and composite materials, electronic information, rail transportation materials and other new materials. Xinjin county is located in the West Wing of Tianfu district center, Chengya expressway, the big road, Xinpu road through the city, with tens of millions of tons of freight yard resources, convenient transportation, location advantages, its high value-added downstream industry chain extension benefits, many enterprises become a key investment in Xinjin." 1 billion 250 million yuan investment in the construction of Xinjin high performance composites project chairman of Chengdu Lu Chenxin Mstar Technology Ltd Wang Peiyong said that they have completed the main project construction in the near future, ongoing equipment installation, is expected next year in April to May will be officially put into operation, products are mainly exported to Europe and the gradual development of the domestic market, is expected to reach 1 billion 500 million yuan in 2016 sales volume.

The next two days, from across the glass fiber and composite materials business representatives will further Xinjin new materials industry zone project visits, negotiations including production base, production base, metal matrix composites, carbon fiber and aramid fiber cord II and fabric production base project of a series of high performance fiber key supporting projects.