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    Crio C

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    泡沫夹芯是由交联聚合物组成的新型泡沫夹芯,材质是聚异氰脲酸酯(PIR),具有机械性能高,热传导率和热膨胀率低,尺寸稳定性高等特点。另外,还具有具备良好的阻燃性能,根据DIN 4102测试标准,其阻燃性能可达B2级。LNGFoam适用于液化石油天然气管道或储罐等低温保温环境领域。 产品特性:.力学性能好,密度范围广;.环境稳定性好,耐溶性好,耐腐蚀;.冷、热、潮湿环境下尺寸稳定性好;.绝热

    1. Detailed information

    Crio C is a new foam sandwich consisting of cross-linked polymer, it is made of polyisocyanurate (PIR), with high mechanical properties, low  thermal conductivity and thermal expansion rate and higher size stability etc. In addition, it has a good flame retardant property, the flame retardancy up to B2 according to the DIN 4102 testing standard, . LNGFoam is suitable for the environmental field 
    of low temperature heat pipe or tank of liquefied petroleum gas.


    .Good mechanical properties, wide density range;
    .Good environmental stability, Solvent resistance and corrosion resistance;
    .good size stability in Cold, hot and humid environment; 
    .Good insulation properties and heat preservation;

    .Excellent flame retardant


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