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    Multiaxial Fabrics--Quadraxial (0°/+45°/ 90°/-45°)

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    四轴向常规角度为0°/+45°/90°/-45°, 也可选用短切层( 50~600g/m²) 或非织造布(15~100g/m²),以聚酯缝编线缝编而成的织物。克重600~1200g/m²,幅宽2~100英寸中任选。适用于增强不饱和聚酯树脂、乙烯基树脂和环氧树脂及酚醛树脂等。此产品主要用于风能行业、造船,运动器材,汽车,火车等行业。General

    1. Detailed information

    This triaxial is in the main direction of 0°/+45°/90°/-45°. And also can select to add the chopping layer (50~600g/m²) or non-woven fabrics (15~100g/m²). Use the polyester stitching yarn to stitch together. The area weight can be 600~1200g/m². The width can be 2 inches~100 inches. This fabric is suitable for the Polyester resin, Vinyl resin, Epoxy resin and Phenolic resin etc. It is mainly used in wind energy, boat building, sports, automotive, train industry etc.

    General Data 

    CodeDensity (g/m²)0°density (g/m²)+45°density(g/m²)90°density (g/m²)-45°density(g/m²)Chopping layer density (g/m²)

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